Life in Christ Foundation

Life without Christ is an illusion, to being Christ the way, the truth and “life” there is no way to live without him after meeting. Christ is the source of life and this expression far from referring a physical plane contains a connotation superior to a human mind and understanding that life is beyond a beating heart, lungs breathing or a functional brain, because when God created the man blew into him the breath of life that is the basis of humanity, so that man who lives far from the Father, he can not feel his breath of life, not live but in his walk on this earth certainly die. we can conclude that life in Christ is the true life because, to the reach Him into our lives, we experience radical changes, for good, as if passing birth, this time to be born of his sacrifice, for never again be slaves but sons. Christ’s life that even death could not stop him and his love covered all our faults and sins, which is enough to have a life surrendered to Him, even after discovering that is the true life, because without Christ there Join live life … life in Christ, do not miss the opportunity to grow in truth now that God has troubled you, because He knocks on the door of your heart because he loves you, loves you so much that his life gave and in death you receive life.

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